Family history

Experience and knowledge over generations. 

The family „Römer“ has been operating in the field of mechanical engineering for many decades.

A significant development that should not be underestimated was created by one of the first well known RÖMER companies „HANNS UND RÖMER“, founded 1907. The company manufactured rolling machines and complete production lines for sweets. One of the most popular developments was the patented production machine for pipe (whistles) lollipops. These lollipops are still available on the global market. 

The successful family history has been continued by Dr. Eng. Roland Eugen Römer. He started his professional career (self-employed) while studying at the University of Bochum, Germany. Following his time as an assistant at university, tests and experiments changed into reality and the first plant was launched by Dr. Eng. Roland Römer in 1982.

Since being founded, the company “Römer Fördertechnik GmbH / RFT has grown to four plants and covers more than 11.000 m². RFT is specialized in crane and industrial components for port-, mining-, conveyor and materials handling technology.

The extensive product range such as hydraulic buffers, dampers, brakes, couplings, storm brakes, guide rollers, bottom hook blocks and crane wheels are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in RFTs own facilities in Germany. The products feature the highest safety and quality level in the market of materials handling and safety technology.

RFT’s products exist in applications across the globe and are installed in the world’s leading companies. Professional and competent consultants, quality products and instantaneous shipping of standard parts are firmly anchored in the company concept.

RFT will be continued also by a Römer family member, Christiane Römer.