Certificates and patents

ISO certificate:
In view of the high safety standards and the requirement of customers for operational security, RFT is certified iaccordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Patent "integrated daming pads"
Rapidly occurring impacts into the guide rollers can be reduced enormously by the integrated damping pads. These impacts are caused by e.g. rail misalignments.

With this innovative solution, guide rollers in standard or strong design increase the service life of your system and the safety level in general.

Patented "rail clamp with vertical guidance"

The rail clams also called storm brakes , type VZFH-HVZ has no contact with the rail during system travel or crane travel. Guide rollers, which are used in the standard version (type VZFH) to permanently guide the system on the rail, are completely dispensed with.

No contact = no wear = greatly reduced maintenance costs = fast system / crane travel possible

This innovative solution greatly increases the service life!